What is a Kudo?

  • 25 December 2014
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I see folks getting "Kudo"s". What are they/those???

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Hi Goober1960
Kudos are the way we have in the Community of say "good job" or "I approve" of something that a Community member has done/posted either in a thread or to show support for an ideas posted in the Ideas Exchange.  Look upon it as a gold star that you the user can award another user or can be awarded by another user.
But as with all accolades of this type the validity of the system depends on it not being abused, i.e., kudos being awarded sensibly and fairly, but having said that their are no real rules as to when to award and when not to.  I personally tend to give them when I think that a post is particularly useful or appropriate, etc.
They also feed into the VIP Program and are one of the elements (and I stress the just ONE here) that determine a Community member's rank.  If interested check out this link.
I hope that answer the question?
Regards, Baldrick
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Kudos: To gain kudos is to earn respect and recognition.
Daniel 😉
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I understand. Thank you for the reply/answer.