What will happen when my subscription expires. 30 day notice

  • 22 December 2014
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Just received notice that my subscription end in 30 days. Will this all happen automatically? I bought it at Best Buys. Will I have to renew Webroot and Geek Squad as well? Are there things I should do now? I'm really confused.

6 replies

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Hello Samm52, welcome to the Community!
If you want to renew the WSA on your computer, you DO need to do so through Best Buy  / Geek Squad.  As for renewing the Geek Squad Tech Support as well, that is of course up to you.
On the day your Webroot is expiring a couple of things happen.  First, of course, it will contantly show a red or orange warning color that it is expired.  It will actually still work and protect you for 30 days, giving you addiitional time to renew.
After the 30 day renew grace period, it will no longer work to protect your computer.  It will still scan and advise you of infections, but it will not actively prevent nor remove malware at that point.
For full information on how to renew, call 1800-GEEK-SQUAD for more help.
Hi I just posted a question about the renewal. I don't know if I put it in the right place. It is under "Internet Scurity Plus". I got this at Best Buy so I know it will go through them. Do I also have to get another year of the Geek Squad. I'm a bit confused - as you can tell. 
Thank you
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Does that mean I won't get an email saying my subscription is up? Also - did you mean if it expires in January I will protection through Feb?
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I have answered your previous post.. As for that Geek Squad Support, that covers quite a bit.  As to renew or  not renew it, that is up to you.  I would suggest you think about how much you have used it for the last year.  If you have called in for help a few times, then you probably want to renew it.
It covers almost anything wrong with the computer that is not HARDWARE... It covers not just malware assistance but also any software problem you may have.  
IF you have made use of the Geek Squad Tech Support, it is a LOT cheaper to renew it to keep it than to pay for any services by themselves or to purchase a new Tech Support plan.
If you have NOT used it and are pretty good at resolving computer problems on your own, then you may not need it.
There has long been consusion if the Tech Support covers virus removal.  The last I was told (Former Geek Squad agent here) is that the Webroot Subscription will allow you ONE virus removal from Geek Squad.  After that, you would need to have the Tech Support to have virus removal services.
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@ wrote:
Does that mean I won't get an email saying my subscription is up? Also - did you mean if it expires in January I will protection through Feb?
You will probably receive another email as well as 'pop up' messages remidning you to renew.  If you plan to renew, I suggest you do NOT wait until the renew date to call them... get it set up now.  You will not lose any days as your card will NOT be charged for the renewal until the expiration date.
Yes.. even if you do not renew, the computer will be protected for 30 days.  NOTE: if Webroot does happen to miss anything duruing that 30 days and you get infected, you will NOT receive support.  That 30 days the software may work, but you will not be allowed any support from Geek Squad until the renewal is paid for.
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Since your services are billed by and provided by Geek Squad, I do suggest you call them with your questions to verify just exactly what is and is not covered.