When is the PWM going to be fixed?

  • 5 February 2019
  • 4 replies

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Hi folks,
Is there any more news on the password manager issue?
I have cancelled my auto renewal for this year as if there is no definitive answer SOON, I for one will be looking elsewhere for my security

4 replies

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Hi discworlder

I am afraid that there is currently no firm date for the resolution of this issue. We will see it first in the Beta Group and I am sure that someone will advise as and when that happens.

It was my understanding from responses in a prior thread that end of February was favourite but then the world of fixing IT issues which can range from just a minor adjustment to code all the way up to what if effectively a new version, it is a brave person who wagers their money on that.

I am sure that Webroot are working hard to resolve this and I think that we just need to be a little more patient at present.

Regards, Baldrick
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Baldrick is correct. We will be posting a lot of information when it's ready, which should be soon. While I cannot confirm anything at the moment, it's worth noting that we are very close.
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Thanks Lara

Much obliged for the official 'update' on this. 😀

Regards, Baldrick
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I'm also glad to see an "official" reply. Still holding off on the daily reminders to upgrade FF, and hoping nothing bad comes from that.


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