When will current subscribers have additional online backup space enabled?

  • 12 October 2012
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I sent a question to support regarding the new amount of online backup space available (25GB) vs the size when I subscribed (10GB) and recived a reply that the online backup space has been increased from 10GB to 25GB, I still show that there is only 10GB available to me, when will the increase be applied to my account?

Best answer by frankd 15 October 2012, 18:46

Thanks for the reply, good to hear that it's coming soon!
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Hey frankd,
The transition of backup space is still in transition and should reflect the correct amount soon. You can start using the Backup & Sync functionality in the meantime and the space should update soon. 😃
Thanks for the reply, good to hear that it's coming soon!
It's been over a month now and I'm still showing as having 10GB, is this normal?
I also had an issue where my backups stopped working and now I had to reset all of my configuration and reupload everything. Like a lot of the users here, I can't say Im too happy about the way the backups are working, if my drive had failed I could have lost my data that I thought was being backed up when in fact it was not. I liked the way it was before with SugarSync, it had realtime backup, not scheduled, will realtime be renabled anytime soon?
Also the setting for pausing uploads when full screen games are running does not work, I have to manually disable backup when running any online game otherwise I get huge lag issues and we should be able to set the amount of bandwith used by the backup when it uploads as it can slow down my entire network.
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Hi Frank,

The transition from SugarSync to the new Webroot solution has basically wrapped up. Now, this week, we are transitioning existing 10GB Complete users to 25GB accounts. I'd expect to see 25GB of storage in your account by the end of the week.

Regarding bandwidth allocation, that's been brought up a few times, but thus far, nobody has taken up my suggestion of suggesting a bandwidth allocation limitation feature in the Ideas Exchange. Perhaps you could be the first to suggest it? It's already on development's to-do list, but it helps if there is an idea they can look at to track customer interest.
Thanks for the update, good to hear that the bandwidth throttling is planned, as far as the issue with games could there not be a setting to look for certain exe's and if they are running to disable uploads?
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Maybe - if the list was user-specified, that might be doable. Naturally, I have to defer to the product management and development teams regarding feasibility of implementation. I can certainly bring it up with them if there is an Idea in the Ideas Exchange to reference.