Will the WebRoot Anti-phishing and screen capture work with Sanboxed browsers?

  • 10 October 2013
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I run all of my browsers behind Sandboxie Sandbox version 4 on a 64bit Windows 8 (soon to be 8.1) system.
I know that the malware detection of SecureAnywhere doesn't work in the sandboxed envrioment since I can visit infected pages and let the malware download and execute in the sandbox without a peep from SecureAnywhere (everything is set to MAX in SA heuristic wise).
I am too chicken poop to test the malware without the sandbox so I am not 100% certain that it will be detected without the sandbox (I do send them all to webroot).
So now the question is:
After seeing the stellar MRG results for BankTrojans and prevent screen capture I was wondering if the screen capture prevention also works when the browsers are sandboxed?  If not then what can be done/allowed within the sandbox to make things work?
I love using my sandbox, I feel soo much safer with it on then without so I would love to combine the best of both worlds...Sandboxed browser and anti-screen capture of SA.

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