window 8 pro and webroot

  • 21 December 2012
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 i have  upgrade from window 7 and evere thing was fine
window 8 Action center  reports  that window defnder  and webroot secreanywhere are both turnd off  even no  webroot is  turn on    how do i fixs this ?

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I think it would be best to do a clean reinstall, Uninstall reboot and install and make sure you have a copy of your keycode before doing so!
Try unistall/re-install first. If that doesn't work, this fixed my problem with action center and Windows 8:
Post by JimM:
In older versions of Windows, you could reset the repository to solve this kind of problem.  I suspect you can probably take care of this issue the same way in Windows 8.
Let's see if this helps:

First, you'll want to open an administrative command prompt.  To do so, go to your desktop and bring up Task Manager.  Go to File and choose "Run new task."  On the screen that appears, check the box for "Create this task with administrative privileges."  Then type:
cmd into the box and click Run.

At the command prompt, type:
and hit enter.


Close the window, and restart your computer.
That's the only suggestion I've got for this issue, being that it's ultimately a problem with Windows itself rather than with Webroot.  Let me know if it helps!
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My action center started to act up again after ~2 weeks. I performed the above fix again so after I restart my PC, I'll see if it fixs the problem. Windows update may have broke the fix? Not sure.
Update: applying the above fix and restarting my PC did fix the action center problem again.
i have went back too window 7 this AM and that fixs evere thing  so am going too marh this fourm  has fixs
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Glad you got it sorted. I myself will be using Win 7 until I need a new computer but I do use both Win 8 Pro 32bit & 64bit on my VM's but they are fresh clean installs.