Windows 8 and Firewall settings in WSA

  • 6 February 2013
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I have upgraded to windows 8 and the firewall configuration options in wsac dissapeared.
what has gone wrong?

Best answer by JimM 8 February 2013, 00:11

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30 replies

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Not two,
WSA, MWBAM Pro, WFC and Returnil Quietzone (turn on occasionally, to sandbox).
Userlevel 7 about overkill (IMHO)...I can see what you should streamline like me...WSA & excellent combo that is so light so as to be almost unoticable...but then again, I would say that, wouldn't I? ;)
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What is VS?
Anyways these are quite unnoticeable in my 32gigs machine. 😛 😛 Another overkill! 😃
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dtouch, PM me if you are interested or let me know and I will PM you with the details, as we cannot really talk about another security app in open forum...;)
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@ wrote:
WSA & excellent combo that is so light so as to be almost unoticable..
I've also used this security combination and all I can say - it's awesome :D