WRkrn.sys has wrong altitude?

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I am working an issue with Microsoft regarding a virtualized server that was halting without any indications of why and as part of troubleshooting they ran a FLTMC and noted that WRkrn.sys is showing an altitude of 321611 and, MS being MS, they immediately blamed the issue on that wrong altitude. Naturally I argued that this was probably not the case since I could run the same command on any of the other servers without the issue as well as all the workstations also running Webroot and get the same results. Even more unsurprising they didn't care that I had a great number of servers and workstations all running the same version of the software ( and none of them seem to be having this issue.

According to the document from MS ( the driver should have an altitude of 320110.

Are there any plans to have the driver on the correct altitude so MS will stop blaming the driver for issues?

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