WSA Complete For The Family?

  • 4 February 2012
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I agree with ProTruckDriver as to cookies, cookies are harmless and if you need to clean them out you can use the tools he suggested!
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Hi bobsimport, welcome to the Webroot Forum,
I've ran the old Webroot software for a long time. Still have the first software box and CD "Spy Sweeper 2" from 2004. I remember all those cookies that Webroot use to find. The new WSA does not have that. You may want to read:
If you want to remove cookies try CCleaner or SAS (free).
I've been using WSA complete since it automatically upgraded from the previous Webroot Internet Security Complete program a few months ago. I've had a couple issues that were resolved, but I've noticed that the new program almost always never detects any type of malware, and the old program always detected and removed several items on almost every scan. It just seems to me that there must be some sort of spyware or cookies or something to remove? Other than that the program requires very minimal input and runs trouble free
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Thanks Pro TruckDriver...that's what I'm using and I would think that would be adequate without any other layers....looks like Webroot can handle the load! 
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WSA  Essentials and MBAM Pro are a great combo. I'm using it now on one of my computers. Complete & MBAM Pro = Excellent Combo.