WSA Complete For The Family?

  • 4 February 2012
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Userlevel 3 you see, I have: HTTPS site and padlock on the Tray Icon 
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If you're right (I can't press the Test Button then the Test can't be in the foreground) why this happens:
how sure I am safe, for example, to log into the bank?
sorry, I saw that my PM ??did not go
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Thanks! I think (I hope) everything is o.k. - like wrote@TripleHelix: Tests tools don't show the true effectiveness of WSA Identity Shield
thanks again?
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Hi Howard!
Thanks for your answer, but here was not about of whether program passed the test or not. I think, like you wrote, Zemana's test is much more realistic.
Second question, short: password management is a perfect solution.
Is a one more question: system protection - registry access. Maybe again everything is o.k, but can You explain why this part of this test is failed?
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Thank you very much. I think - this information was useful not only for me.