cannot connect to internet

  • 19 February 2021
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I have the same error message “cannot connect to internet”. I uninstalled webroot, reload the newest version, restart, reinstall, restart… it doesn’t work. 
I contacted webroot support twice...and I’m still waiting for a phone call (is there really a support service ?).

So, is there anybody who could help me to fix this problem ?
config : Mac Book Pro Big Sur 11.2

Best regards.

2 replies

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Hey there @francois P ,

Are you using the VPN that comes with some Webroot products? Or just an antivirus product?

When you say you contacted support - was that via phone or e-mail? 

I’m using only anti-virus product.
I contacted support twice via email.
FYI the anti-virus is working again on my Mac without any action from me. A mystery...but the problem is fixed.