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  • 26 March 2020
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Webroot will not open, even after the uninstall/install, restart process it still fails to open. I have emailed Webroot yesterday early afternoon and still no response. So I am hoping I can find some help here in the mean time.

Thank You


3 replies

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@Lamarv ,

Welcome to the community!

Please allow 24-48 hours for support to answer your ticket - make sure you do not send in a 2nd ticket as this will slow down their response.


Do you mean that the console won’t open? The screen where you can hit “Scan” and perform the other functions?

Are you running on a Mac or PC system?

If you go into your process manager (ctrl alt delete on windows) - do you see Webroot processes running in that list?


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Hello @khumphrey 

I am currently running it off my Mac. Yes the Webroot app will not open no matter how many or when I click on it it refuses to open.

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I’d recommend reaching out to our SUPPORT TEAM for further assistance. Please let us know how that conversation goes!