Popup On Mac For WSA Backup & Sync

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I got this popup on the Mac running Mojave for Backup and Sync:
@MacDaddy385  @PVaddi @LLiddell

Here is the WSA Version I'm running:

Is this in the process of being "Optimized"?

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Is this popup showing up because Backup & Sync is running on 32 bit on the Mac Computer? I had the same popups for games on my Mac because Apple Warned Developers awhile back before Mojave was released that Apple will stop supporting 32 bit software, everything will be 64 bit. Some developers did not upgrade to 64 bit and I lost a few paid games because of that. 😞
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What is it with all these pop ups with WSA on my Mac? I just did a install of WSA and now I'm getting a Pop up for Chrome:

😠 😠 😠 😠
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@MacDaddy385 @PVaddi Can you answer the question on the Backup and Sync pop-up. I got similar pop-ups one time on games and within a month I lost the games because they were 32 bit.


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