Scan appears to stop

  • 4 March 2020
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I have many MB on data on my Mac but the scan states that it runs to completion in about 2 minutes.  This defies logic.  Any ideas how to follow up?

2 replies

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Hey there @gwknopp ,

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So, this may not actually be an incorrect result. Webroot scans are known to be incredibly fast by industry standards because much of the processing is done via the cloud. My scans on my desktop which easily has 2-3 TB of data on it finish in under 2 minutes usually.

However, if you’re still concerned that your scan is not fully completing, you can reach out to our support team HERE

Let us know your results if you decide to reach out to support! 

Hope that helps,


Webroot is not completing a full scan of my MAC - what can I do