updated Safari 12 password extension (WSAC fails on MBP 10.13.6

  • 18 September 2018
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Just updated HiSierra Safari v12 and  WSAC's Password Mangler extention not unsurprisingly appears not (yet) to be updated with "Safe" credentials.  Not yet time to explore further (or flag support) as I'm sure others will be commenting if they haven't already. 😉.    Still checking Safari/WSAC for IOS12 update on iPad.....

3 replies

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Breaks webfilter too...
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Breaks webfilter too...
Yes, noted  thanks.   I  normally test on  latest  Safari,Chrome and  FireFox.    I lost Webfilter on all 3 and   PW Extension on  Safari  and  Firefox, but Chrome still has  working  PW Extention.
That said I also note that  Webroot Support  have confirmed  they  were  awaiting Apple  sign-off on WS  updates  for Mojave  last friday?!   Tad late......   Hope they  didn't  miss  the   Launch window?  
Currently waiting  for  Mojave  download to complete and then  install & retest on my TEST volume to determine if extentions have actually  been acredited.   WSAC is now   
Still failed in Mojave so appears we (at least UK) have to wait for Apple Certification/Webroot Distribution to reach our shores.....