WebRoot Secure Anywhere - "MacOS Security Feature has been disabled"

WebRoot Secure Anywhere - MacOS Security Feature has been disabled. iMac on startup this morning. WebRoot Secure Anywhere displays information dialogue box that states: “MacOS Security Feature has been disabled”. Only one action available - “OK”. WSA stays Green & Protected. So what feature has been disabled? How to re-enable the Security Feature?

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@turm131a ,

What version of MacOS are you on? If you’re on Mojave, I believe you may need to enable “full disc access” to get all the benefits of Webroot.

I’m going to ping one of our product experts to make sure I’m correct here! @dstokes1 - can you keep an eye on this thread?

Keenan, thanks for responding. I’m using MacOS Catalina 10.15.7. After I answered “OK” to the notification that WSA posted when I started the computer (“MacOS Security Feature has been disabled”) the WSA status screen displayed Green Checkmark Protected and has stayed that way. But I am curious about what WSA detected about the security features of my system. Since WSA flagged the security flaw, maybe WSA can identify it.