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  • 19 March 2013
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Hello to all, 


One question about something that's unclear to me : 


When WSA is installed, I activate it on my web panel. What's the use of activate it (vs not)  and specifically what's the use vs the  other state with the earth logo behind the PC.


I ask because I installed WSA and when changing settings (euristics) it said that these changes will be overridden by the web panel settings. But at this point I only "secured" the PC (i.e. putting it on my PC's list on the web panel) ... Then I saw that there were these options of secure strenght etc. (with the earth).


So, if it's my main machine and I wannt to set everything from it  (and not from web panel) what should I do ?


I'm sure it's simple but I don't see the point (mainly with the "simple" secure process)


Thansk for your help




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It looks like your clients are being centrally managed and you can disable this setting from within your MyWebroot Account.


Log into your MyWebroot Account>click PC Security>click on the computer you wish to change>click Edit and switch the setting to User Configuration