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  • 28 December 2017
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on my current Internet Security Plus. I have a new disc being delivered on Thursday Afternoon. Should I wait until my current one expires and then reapply or can I re-up later today and have those left over 30 days added to the newish  365 days ?
May everyone have a safe and prosperous New Year !

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Hello ROBERT1725,
If the new disc is a diffrent keycode, send @ or @ a PM and they will add the remaining days on to the new keycode. 😉
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If I may disagree slightly with PTD in that if you are using the Password Manager in your ISP version of WRSA then you actually want to ask for the days on the new keycode to be added to your existing, expiring keycode rather than the other way around...this is because the Password Manager data is keyed on keycode (amongst other things) and therefore if you change keycode you will not be able to access the current Password Manager data...until the Support Team transfer the data from old to new in my book it makes sense to give them as little work as possible and add new to old.
Of course, if you do not use the Password Manager then it makes no odds.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
Hi Baldrick & Pro Truck Driver. Very much appreciate your help in this matter. I'm awaiting my CD from Webroot. On a side note Amazon is having a sale on the Internet Security Plus CD. Its only $ 19.99 for the 2018 version. although I bought my disc directly from Webroot for $ 29.99 Amazon went ahead and issued me a $ certificate on future Amazon purchases sold by:D and delivered by them.
A belated from Amazon.:D
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@ just send me your old keycode and your new one once you get it in a private message! :catwink:
Just did JP. Much obliged.