After using WEBROOT "PLUS" for one year, ....My opinion is....

  • 20 March 2015
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 VERY HAPPY / Just renewed it for 2 more years ...a few hours ago.
Got my Lenovo laptop (my first laptop) a year ago. / Came with 1 year of WEBROOT PLUS.
First off, it preformed flawlessly........yet ya barely notice it is there.
I'm not unskilled,but far from a "Computer WIZARD"  .............the setup is  easy to use.
It obviously covered all aspects of security better than every  other anti-virus  I previously used.
Not one glitch if a full year.
OK, so safe bet........Happy camper with WEBROOT performance!
But add to that....this community forum  has been a HUGE BONUS.
I've only posted a couple of times with questions, even though had MANY QUESTIONS.
I didn't need to post them because  others already have and were answered well in threads.
People are treated nice here, those with the skills to answer are very patient ,with us with less skills.    ;)
Glad I've renewed for another 2 years....
And in the last few months,convinced a half dozen people to give WEBROOT a try.

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