Buying webroot secrity anywhere on Amazon has erased all of my passwords! How do I resolve that?

  • 5 December 2015
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Buying webroot security anywhere on Amazon has erased all of my passwords!  How do I resolve that?

1 reply

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Hi Brad
I am guessing here but I suspect that what has happened is that you have purchased a new subscription which came with a new keycode and you have entered/activated that new keycode?
If so, and you use the Password Manager, then you will indeed have 'lost' access to your stored passwords/credentials, etc. The reaosn for this is because the data stored in the Webroot Cloud is keyed on, amonsgt other things, the keycode in sue, so entering a new keycode means that when lookingfor password data it will not find what was previously stored.
The only thingt hat you can do now is to Open a Support Ticket, expalin the situation to the Support Team, supply them with your previous and new keycodes and ask them to transfer the data associated with the the previous to the current one. Hopefully they can do that for you and then you will be back up an running.
Regards, Baldrick