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I created another user, then imported the back up I did just before the PW change on the main user.   I can access the password tab now with out the error message that I still have on main account.
And I can change the password and have it sync correctly with the firefox app.
Must be some problems with the main account.. I will try support again on Monday.
Thank you all for the input.
I did the full scan also did a remote restart from pc security after. Still not syncing password change to the app.
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You might try as Dermot suggests.  I have seen some unexpected results on getting things back in sync by simply running a scan.  Good idea Dermot!
That's what I ended up doing for tonight, went back to the original password. Maybe it will work tomorrow with a new password. Thank you for the input.
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Hello bakedbean, and Welcome!
Could you please run a default scan, in order to see if changes you made online can be communicated with the client software. It could fix your issue, hopefully.
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You could always change it to the ORIGINAL password temporarily.
I know we ALL need to change ALL of our passwords due to the Heartbleed bug, but if there is a communication error at the back-end keeping the Password Manager password from recording the change....  that might be something that will 'work itself out' over the next few hours.
If you do revert to the original, make sure everything is working.  Of course tomorrow, try changing it again.  Follow the same thing tomorrow if need be.  Webroot does not staff the Community on the weekend, but they will on Monday.
Ok I just changed the password again and the firefox app is still requesting the old password that I was using.  Not looking forward to using support  again...
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Also, changing the primary email will not help get logged into the existing list of passwords you have saved... I would suggest that you do not follow that advice.....
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Hello bakedbean, welcome to the Webroot Commuity!
Try changing the password again to something else.  It sounds like the new password failed to be sent to the system that runs the Password Manager for some reason.
See if that helps, but if not you may need to file a Trouble Ticket to have Webroot Support reset some things at the back-end.
If you do have to contact Support again, note that after TWO password changes, it still refuses to work.