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I know what you're going through bogey. I had to add another email on the account and then make that the primary. Lucky I had backed up a few days before and did not loose to many passwords. It is a database issue on the server side
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Hi bakedbean


you say last April, mIght it have anything to do with the dreaded KB2919355 update? i've only just recently overcome THAT issue which led to a system recovery and reinstallation of everything 
I never went to geek squad that was bogey. I did try to get webroot tech support to do it. but they just told me to add a new email to webroot control panel account and start over....
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Hi Baldrick


what i am concerned with is that the Geek Squad informed me that this is an issue with Webroot itself and that it's not just me. They said that 3 different techs failed with 3 different browsers, and the problem is "out there in the cloud" which to me sounds pretty wide spread! but if you are telling me that you aren't experiencing any problems then it leads me to wonder what's really going on??!?
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i am such a dummy, forgot to redact

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it turns out the links didn't change, and i haven't even edited them back in??!?  lol

but i took care of that issue, thank you so much!
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Hi TripleHelix

due to this password problem i can not submit a ticket. i can get past the input email page, but the input password page just clears the field when i "submit". please see these ideas


those were from an expired account... some screenshots from the new account


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@ wrote:

Hi TripleHelix


Yes, that was the way i removed the duplicate Redacted-PC (that showed up after a complete system recovery) as well as the Laptop-PC shortly after it went through a system crash. I was hunting everywhere for a cure to the password problem and I found something that i wasn't looking for so i decided why not?

When you say Recovery do you mean a system Recovery from a partition or a complete Windows Reinstall with the DVD?


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Hi Dan


i just sent support an email with all of the pertinant links in this thread, if i don't get a response within a couple of days i will certainly give them call, thanks for that link, i didn't know a phone # for Webroot!