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  • 20 August 2013
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Just bought Webroot Secureanywhere Internet Security Plus 5 device license and have tried to mail support about deleting a console and some other questions I had about the software, but haven`t received any answer.
So I thought there maybe was someone in here that could do it.
What I want is to delete a console I used for testing and add the the new keycode to the password managment future because the trial keycode there will expire and I am not able to do it myself.
Things like adding keycode to password managment, deleting users you have created, deleting a console etc. should be done by the user himself. You probably get a lot of email from users need help about this.
Also have a couple of questions.
1: My Mac (IMac OS X Mountain Lion) never showed up in the PC Security ?
2: I installed under testing the wrs on two mobile phones (Android-Galaxy s3) and one computer Windows 7.
3: I created a user in my console which had access to the mobile area.
The user I created didn´t see the mobile phones registered unless I used her own email adress when registered the phone. If I did that I couldn´t see it when I logged in as Admin even with the same keycodes used. In this scenario the user must have an account created by the Admin before installing the software on the phone.
So the Admin had to use the same email adress as his account when register the software on the mobiles to be able to see them even if the keycode was the same on all devices. The user of the one phone with access to the mobile area didnt have any mobile phone there because they was registered under a different email adress but same keycodes.
Maybe the Admin should be able to pick which phone the user should have access to from the Admin console when he creates a user who should have access to the mobile area. In a family situation this would be great, One place for everything and give users access to there own devices assigning them an account, password and devices they should have access to.
Also wondered where you could see how many licenses you have used out of the 5. It doesn´t say under mange keycodes. It is written 5 devices only. 

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Hello ?
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Please go here to Deactivate a PC.
Then you should be ok.