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  • 27 October 2015
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Hi All,
When I try to sign into Ebay Webroot password manager no longer autofills in the log in details. I have to copy and paste both the username and password to login. Can anyone advise?

1 reply

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Hi stevecosta
When you go onto the Ebay sign in page click on the Password Manager toolbar icon and check to see if you have a red box with a number in it next to 'Show matching sites'. If you do you can click on that  and it will show you what logins you have recorded in the Password Manager, and if you click on the login you will see a number of options one of which should be 'Edit'...click on that to reveal what data you have recorded for that login.
You should now be able to check and adjust the data held if needs be so that it works.
If you do not have any of the above then you should try checking the details associated with Ebay in the Password Manager section of the online web console (here) where you can review and edit all stored data for sites recorded in the Password Manager.  For step-by-step instructions covering all features, see SecureAnywhere Management Website User Guide.
Hope that the above helps in some way? If you are still having problems please post back and we will try to help further.
Regards, Baldrick


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