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  • 21 January 2013
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Hi Folks
I need to change my email address and it is the only item that does not have "change" against it in the basic settings.
How do I do it?

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4 replies

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I am not positive on this, but I think that in order to change the email address that you use it would need to be changed by a tech from Support.  At the moment, the email address is not used just to log into the MyWebroot Account, but it is also tied to the Password Management feature.  Due to the back end structure, I would guess that simply chaning the email address is not as simple as it might appear to be.
You might want to Submit A Trouble Ticket and see if a Support tech can help with this.
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Hi MyFord,
Welcome to the Webroot Community forums!
Are you talking about changing the email address for your "My Webroot" account or here on the Webroot Community? If it is the former, David is quite right in that changing the email address isn't as easy as it seems due to the integration of our Password Management feature. You do have a few options, though, the easiest of which being creating a separate user within the account.
Also, (if you are asking about your "My Webroot" account), can you please Private Message me the email address so I can look it up in our system?
Hi Folks
To complete this message Webroot Technical gave me a new keycode and a set of instructions. All very straightforward.
They did make this comment -
"Note: We recommend you use an email address that is not provided by your Internet service provider. This will allow you to keep the account even if you switch ISPs in the future."
Good advice :D
Thanks to David for starting me on the correct path and Yegor for his advice.
Best Wishes
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You are welcome, and I am glad they have you fixed now.
Don't leave us now that your problem is resolved... pull up a chair and stick around :D