Firefox Password Manager toolbar no longer works

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Looks like WPW is fixed on Chrome and Firefox.  This really was a big mess.  Caused me to check out alternatives like Dashlane, which works great and offers third authentication through web app.   Can Webroot offer additional authentication through a phone app like Duo Push, etc?      
Thanks for that info Muddy7.   I have been a webroot fan for many years and my engineering business is protected by WR business version. The truth is that as good as the WRPM works (most of the time), today we have to have the best protection available so that when passwords become exposed to the world there is a final way to protect our information.
I am on a trial of Dashlane.  The paid version for me will cost about $10 per month. Its worth is to have the last piece of authentication.
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OK so has anyone tried the updated FF?
Hi Lara.
A couple of weeks ago, you talked about looking to "increase communication and transparency here very soon" regarding the Password Manager incident while it is being investigated, addressed and resolved:
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Wanted to chime in here and apologize for our lack of communication as we do aim for transparency. The password manager is in the works to be fixed, and I am attempting to liason your voice with the product team as much as possible.
Also want to say that I really appreciate everyone posting their honest critique, without it we wouldn't know how/where to improve. Going to be working on a method to increase communication and transparency here very soon. Ideally a Google doc or something where I can post live updates as they are worked through, and you all can post feedback as you see fit. Still some items to work through on this idea, so please reserve expectations, however I feel this can greatly impact our current communications (or lack there of).
The idea in particular of a live Google document was a very interesting one. .
Do you have any comeback on this?