Firefox Password Manager toolbar no longer works

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I believe there is an important lesson to learn here with ALL Password Managers. Always have a backup Password Manager ready to use if something goes wrong.
My routine is always having All of my Password Managers up to date and backed up.
I not only back up Password Managers I also Print a copy of all the information on the Password Manager and keep it in a safe place. I run Three Password Managers, Webroot, LastPass and Lifetime RoboForm (Non-Cloud). 
LastPass runs with a login with your Email address. Webroot is the old version of LastPass. My question is after Webroot fixes their Password Manager, people running both Webroot and LastPass with the same Email address, will those two account interfere with each other? 
So they will not interfere with each other. We will have instructions on how you can merge the two accounts should you choose to go that route.
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Thank you Ssherjj, but can I then import it in to the stand alone Last Pass?
Yes it sounds like you can import to Last Pass. I haven't done that yet "Importing" but the help site said you can.
If you are currently using another password-management application, you can import data from that application into the Webroot Password Manager.

To import passwords by using the Webroot drop-down menu:
  1. Open a web browser and sign in to your SecureAnywhere account. (Click the “Webroot icon” in your browser’s toolbar, then enter your Webroot user name and password.) [img][/img]  
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to Tools, then select Import From. [img][/img] A list of applications appears in a submenu.  
  3. In the submenu, select from the list of password-management applications.  
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for importing passwords from that application. (Since every password application is unique, the instructions for importing data from each one is also unique.)
To import passwords from the Passwords site:
  1. Log in to and click Passwords: [img][/img]  
  2. Under MyIdentity actions, click Import data. [img][/img]  
  3. From the dialog, click the arrow next to the Import data from field and select a password management application. Click Continue. [img][/img]  
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions for importing passwords from that application. (Since every password application is unique, the instructions for importing data from each one is also unique.)   Also @ uses Last Pass. Can you assist here PTD?
Hi Yarco,
Sorry to hear about the trouble, but I'm pretty sure that Webroot only supports final releases of Firefox.
The current Firefox version is 61.0.2
I'm sure by the time version 62 is released, Webroot will be up to speed. ;)
If you run into issues, you can also contact support and see what they have to say.
Hope this info helps,
Did Support Team give you any idea on when they will have a permanent fix as opposed to the work around?
Your guess is as good as mine. Every once in awhile Drew will post a reply. Were all in a holding pattern.Stay tuned.:@
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Why is this marked as "Solved" when it isn't?
Because this is an older thread and the OP didn't have the same issue that exists now. They also stated that their problem was fixed by Webroot. ;)

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I know its frustrating having all passwords not able to access in your favorite FF browser. But I will try to help best as possible. There may be a delay in response from me. Although as of today both my pc are stable using the WPM toolbar only on 61.0.2 FF with no update. Also that the WR dev team has tweaked there short fix to registry and requires a log in and re-authentication process to the front door of the server, it may be getting lost and or unable to answer since its not tested (only us now) thus its going to be buggy imo. Trust they have heard the forum and are working diligently to correct a permanent fix. If i have to I will cut out the program root of Mozilla FF call out updates and permanently stay on 61.0.2 if this drags out past 30 days.    
Ha !!!! I get that notification ALLLLLLL the time even though I know GD well I'm connected to the Internet. I'm sick of Webroot and most likely call it quits after my current deal runs out.
Heck....I try to go to Password Manager and I'm informed that my key code has expired and I cant even see my stored passwords. I know for a fact that I have many many many Months left. Why the heck cant this Internet Security Company acknowledge that ????
Thanks BurnDaddy, I did that and it's working again.
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So, it appears that the two "solutions" are, 1) Roll back FF to a previous version and disable auto-updates, and 2) Use different browsers.
Put me in the camp with the other unhappy campers. 62 is the current release of FF, and the problem is that either the team at WR wasn't paying attention to the release schedule, or that there just aren't resources at WR to track these things. I'm not encouraged by either possibility.
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Thanks, Burndaddy, but will there be a fix for this issue coming soon? I'd prefer to not switch browsers or install an older version of Firefox as it may "break" other add-ons that have been updated to the new version.
I really hope so, Powderworks. I'm kind of surprised we don't have a fix already. And like you, @, and many of the other users, I'm a little disappointed that this appears to have caught them off-guard. We shouldn't have to roll back our browsers to use the Password Manager. Since one of the main points of updates is to address security risks, rolling back seems antithetical to Webroot's, or any AV's, goal of providing the best security. I should mention that Webroot has not recommended rolling back your browser. They recommend using a different browser (which is unacceptable to me, hence the rollback).
And so we wait... 😞
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I just hope that the lack of communication we are experiencing is not Webroots way of saying that they don't plan on offering PWM now or in the future and its a moot point to keep wondering...
I hope not either, Robert.
It seems that us Home users have had to take a 'backseat' to the Business users riding up front. We're not where the money is at, despite being the very users that lead to their success in the first place. 😞
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The lack of being able to use the password manager in Firefox 62 is bad enough.  It is atrocious that this issue isn't being dealt with quicker (bad business model).  To make matters worse, when logging into my control profile, I can't even access it there to download.  It is not acceptable to tell people to use different browsers.  It is not acceptable to make it difficult to find information on this problem, and it is not acceptable not to provide emailed updates as to the status to fix it.  It is not acceptable that users have to waste their own valuable time to deal with this.
I rolled back Firefox to the last version before 62.  The password manager add-on then reappeared, however when attempting to log into it, on two different computers, I get a failure notification due to server error.  One remaining computer that I managed to block from upgrading to 62 can still log into password manager, but when I accessed my profile console, it gives me an error when I try to get into the password section there.
100% unacceptable.  What I'd like to know is if this is being taken care of, or is it time for me to part ways with Webroot.
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You should be able to access the credentials you have stored, using Password Manager, via your online account/web console.
If you sign in once on the dashboard select/click on the 'Passwords' tile and that should present you with all of your password data stored in the Webroot Cloud.
If you look to the top right of the panel you should see a list of options entitled "MyIdentity actions" and therein you should see an option to "Export data". Click on that;you should be asked to re-enter your master password, and then presented with a panel entitle 'Export options' from which you can print or export the data in a number of different formats.
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
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Firefox 62.0.3- no sign of WPM after another toolbar fix run. WFU ok.
Much obliged for the update. Looking forward to returning to normal.
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It's really incomprehensible that this has gone on this long with little to no feedback from Webroot! :-(
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@said Webroot would get back to us later this month, two weeks ago.  There are still several days left in October.
I check frequently because I have computers with Firefox updates turned off on just so I can access my passwords (at least that is working now), but I do want this fiasco to come to an end so I can update.
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I called them about this issue over a month ago. Safari has the same problem as Firefox. Not able to use password manager for safari and have to use old version of firefox. I have a trial of dashlane as do others. I hope webroot gets this message from all of the unhappy users that have paid for something their are not getting. I am going to ask for a refund if this is not fixed soon.
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Hi Lara.
A couple of weeks ago, you talked about looking to "increase communication and transparency here very soon" regarding the Password Manager incident while it is being investigated, addressed and resolved:
@ wrote:
Wanted to chime in here and apologize for our lack of communication as we do aim for transparency. The password manager is in the works to be fixed, and I am attempting to liason your voice with the product team as much as possible.
Also want to say that I really appreciate everyone posting their honest critique, without it we wouldn't know how/where to improve. Going to be working on a method to increase communication and transparency here very soon. Ideally a Google doc or something where I can post live updates as they are worked through, and you all can post feedback as you see fit. Still some items to work through on this idea, so please reserve expectations, however I feel this can greatly impact our current communications (or lack there of).
The idea in particular of a live Google document was a very interesting one. .
Do you have any comeback on this?
Yes actually I have been trying to get approval of the idea from multiple teams (more difficult than it sounds due to proprietary information). So far it seems like it's possible, however I'm still waiting to get clearance on the PWM issue. Sharing more information with you all is a top priority of mine, however it's a matter of what the product team is willing to allow.
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Use the toolbar fix all you want, it will not work, roll back to version 60 of firefox and it works great, set fire fox to do not update until the issue is repaired
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What a waste. You guys had a good product, and good consumer base to match it.
You lost a loyal customer with me. This was the third issue I had with your customer support department. I only hope your subpar solution to this problem inspires more to search elsewhere.
History repeats: Webroot will promise, and will fail to deliver.
Meanwhile, still very amused that this thread has been "Solved" for so long. Sadly, yet another example where Webroot has let us down- smiling all the way.   
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In light of the inability to upgrade browsers lest the password manager not function, you'd think there would be customer service tips put out to migrate existing password manager accounts to Last Pass until such a time it can be migrated back to whatever the end result will be with Webroot, which would be compatible with the latest version of the web browser.
But, there is no such offer of customer service tips to be found.
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This is extremely disappointing news!
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I'm guessing that those at Webroot are not happy with the reaction from those of us here to the information provided, but it is most CERTAINLY better than not saying anything at all to us.
Don't you think???
This wasn't just going to go away on its own, and honestly, I think the reactions here are rather subdued, considering that we are paying for something we're not getting. Some start class-action lawsuits over such things.
I couldn't agree with you more @! To say nothing would be the worst thing Management could do to it's customers, Forum members..etc! It is way worse to turn a deaf ear to all of this!