Firefox Password Manager toolbar no longer works

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Thanks for all your efforts, Lara :D
I really hope this excellent idea of yours can work out and become reality. Even if not all can be divulged and a live Google document on current progress is not considered appropriate, a few titbits from time to time to keep us updated would, I believe, be greatly appreciated.
@ wrote:
Webroot should not be "pleased" to announce anything like this. More like "It is with deep regret" or "We are ashamed to admit" that it will still be another 3 or 4 MONTHS before our software performs as advertised.
So true.
@ wrote:
History repeats: Webroot will promise, and will fail to deliver.  
In terms of promised date of resolution, probably so. It's difficult enough delivering on promised dates pertaining to software development, but when you have to add liaison and coordination with a partner software company on which your product totally depends, I would imagine this becomes so much more complicated. Anyway, here's hoping...
Btw if you have time to elaborate, @, would you care to share what your other two issues were?
PS. Incidentally, despite the flakiness, fuzziness and frankly general unreliability of most of Webroot's bells and whistles (which, let's hope, will now change with at least one of them, given Pawani's welcome announcement of a radical overhaul of the Password Manager—see post above) I still remain deeply confident in its core AV product—which I consider to be second to none.
I actually think this is very positive news.
@ wrote:
Bearing in mind our larger goal and core competency is to protect our customers from hackers while we keep up with the variety of threats out there that are getting more and more dangerous, we decided we should partner with the industry leader in password management and provide you with the best service. 
With this partnership, you will receive the latest and greatest innovations in password management, advanced multifactor options and priority tech support which is a lot more than what we are able to offer you today. All this comes to you for no additional cost.
Sounds like Webroot is intending to do a radical overhaul of this feature of theirs and that they are intending for the final product to be far superior to what it is now, i.e. more complete, more robust, and more able to keep up to date with the evolving LastPass product.
That, to my mind, makes it worth the wait (and the temporary hassle of having to use another browser when using PWM).
I do have a slight concern due to the new owners of LastPass: LogMeIn. I don't completely trust them, and I also get the impression that LastPass is not quite the same product under them as it was before: link (however ProTruckDriver, who uses the LastPass product himself, tells me that he has had no problems whatsoever with it, which is certainly encouraging).
I'm even mulling over starting using this feature myself once Webroot come out with their new version. People who know me, and my general views on the bells and whistles of Webroot, may have a heart attack (please don't :S).
The best thing of all would be if Webroot had sufficient resources to eventually bring all of their bells and whistles up to the level that Pawani tells us they are currently intending to bring the Password Manager to (though that may be hoping too much).
Thanks for replying to my post, Sherry.
But I disagree. I think BJM_  gets picked on in this Forum and unfairly so. I fully accept what you say and that you meant nothing cruel by kudoing that post, but I think it was an uncivil and cruel post. Unless @ can show otherwise. And I do not think his reply to BJM_ above addresses the tone of his post at all.
I have a particular sensitivity to bullying because for several years, I was bullied as a kid, and I will not wear it when I see it inflicted on others.
@ wrote:I never said that anyone should actually file a class-action suit against Webroot 
For pete's sake, whenever did I say you said that????
@ wrote:
...once again you post your YOUR incorrect thoughts about my intentions
This is totally and utterly crazy!! Who's misreading whose thoughts/intentions? Certainly not me.*
I only have one subject in mind. Bullying.
* I simply pointed out that the caps ("shouting") were not BJM_'s but Webroot's.
EDIT: I realise, looking again at my post, that the sentence "Oh and by the way Jon, take your complaints to the correct party" was not well phrased and could be open to misinterpretation. I apologise for that. I was trying to say (but obviously expressed myself badly) that your complaint about caps should be addressed not to BJM_ but to Webroot!
Can we be friends again?
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Looks like I need to remind you all that this thread needs to stay on topic. Please take this other discussion somewhere else or I will move it.
Understood...I apologize Lara that we got off topic. Will do..
Thanks, Sherry! We reference this thread when discussing PWM, which makes it all the more critical that it stays on point.
Sure Lara,  thanks for warning us though.. Very important to stay on subject. ;)
Lara, seeing that you reference this thread publicly when referring to PWM, I for one would feel very comfortable about your deleting (or, if you prefer, moving) all the messages from Message 164 all the way through to this message of mine. In the light of what you have said, it is important for the public that this thread remains on point and does not give the wrong impression.
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My solution is a lot simpler. Use KeePass which stores encrypted passwords locally and is entirely agnostic as to which browser you are using.
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Unfortunately, the end that I'm seeing increasinly in sight looks like BitDefender. No company can keep ignoring their customers' concerns about any part of their product and expect to retain those customers. 
BD is more expensive, generally (until you add in the VPN product, which, from Webroot, is pricey), but they seem to have sensed blood in the water here, because their current offer is aggressively competitive with Webroot.
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So, now that the "new community" is up and running... any chance somebody will fix the damn password manager plugin?

6-8 WEEKS is a stupid long period of time to wait.

And IDK about the rest of you, but when I was offered help "retrieving my passwords" from the online portal, I really just wanted to point out that if I'm moving all my passwords OUT, I'm moving them to DIFFERENT SOFTWARE, too. And not coming back...
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I rest my case. I'm not responding to the triggered shill though.
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Run the Webroot toolbar fix utility and see if that fixes it. I have had to use it once or twice on Firefox/Waterfox.
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Turned on today and PWM is working in latest Firefox as normal, so do not know what happened.
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Short term solution to, until webroot team finds a permanent fix
Launch browser FF 62.0.
Go to upper right corner with 3 dashes click
Now go to click cog wheel "options"
Now on left of page select general
Now go to midway down page select only "NEVER CHECK FOR UPDATES"
Go back to select 3 dashes and sign in and/or sync
Now ready to delete Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Maintenance- add remove programs
now go here to download FF 61.0.2 (the Mozilla link will only show you the next version rollback)
mozilla older links
UPDATED *9/13 (forgot a step, seems FF attempts update during rollback so DISCO Ethernet or wifi after download previous FF version)
Now- Execute install program
You may need to get the WPM toolbar fix and run this now to install wpm add-on
Launch FF and go to 3 dashes right corner
Select help- About firefox- it should say Firefox 61.0.2 check for updates DO NOT SELECT IT!
it should be fine been running wpm on the desktop all day with no FF updating...
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I just talked with our Support Team and I wanted to share this workaround with everyone. Once we have a permanent fix, I will let you know. Thanks! 
Download the restore utility available
Close Firefox and then run the utility. Once it completes open Firefox, go to Add-ons, and enable the PWM toolbar. Restart Firefox to make sure the add-on is enabled correctly.

If you have more than one Firefox profile this utility will only work for one. In this instance we will need to identify which profile was updated, and manually copy the extension to the other profile(s).

1. Navigate to the Firefox extension folder: C:UsersUSERAppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfiles

2. Check the 'Date modified' column for the one updated most recently (when you ran the utility).

3. Open the extensions folder

4. Copy the following folder: {8ac62a8b-8b3f-43ba-9b1a-90c299b9dfda}

5. Navigate back to profiles, paste the copied folder into all profiles extensions folders to manually update them as well. The path is: C:UsersUSERAppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfilesPROFILEextensions

6. Re-launch Firefox and note any results

*In the rare instance that the instructions above are not effective, please use another browser until Webroot there is a native fix
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Thanks for the feedback @
We are continuing to work on a permanent solution. 
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I've been talking with Support about this and the latest update I got and the most reliable workaround at the moment is for customers experiencing this issue to use another browser until there is a permanent fix. 
If you'd like to touchbase with Support and talk with them about your specific instance, you can do so here
I will continue to provide updates as soon as I get them. 
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Did you try to rollback the FF version you are using?
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yes. I did the roll back, I've tried to install the fix from a file, now this morning. It doesn't even show up in the list of Legacy extentions
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Ok so I succesfully downloaded an older/ different? version of FF. The PWM is back. .... but now it won't let me log in? :@
9-17-18  Update!!!!!! Came into work this morning and just out of habit clicked WRP to log in and it log me in!!!!! yeah!!! This is on a rolledback version of FF.
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You are going to have to start over.
1st do not do roll back method and WRMP fix together, WRMP temp fix was released to work with the 62 version of FF workaround and may not execute properly if you roll back then apply registry tweak fix. 
So do either the rollback method or WRMP current fix, not both together. 
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I did try the non roll back method. But the fix file says it can be installed it is corrupted. I have re downloaded the file several times. and I get the same error message.
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First try to use this to install or repair wpm download wpm from site use toolbar fix application
If it doesn't work try below
Corrupt the reason for this is this file and FF remembers user data add on profile settings and information. So you are going to have to remove/ reverse to original -that file "Copy the following folder: {8ac62a8b-8b3f-43ba-9b1a-90c299b9dfda}", while in the current FF version then -sync FF. Now try rollback method but don't download wpm from site use toolbar fix application to install/repair wpm when it comes to add-on install... what WR Dev team does is a swapping/tweak of the the files from the older FF profile extensions 61.0.2 version to New FF version 62.0. 
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To date, day 7 wpm is still holding stable with no glitching in FF 61.0.2. The key is the stop the FF from updating all else will sure to stop working unless a total rework of code in wpm to new FF 62 standards. This wrpm-patch file swap-as released by dev team most likely will probably shut down as FF updates constantly (almost nightly) and will error or corrupt code.
So the key is to not allow Mozilla firefox to update beyond 61.0.2. This can be done successfully if you understand that everytime FF is installed it looks and downloads updated 62 FF when launched if connected to the internet. The best solution is to disco ethernet or wifi, install 61.0.2, then follow instructions to not allow FF to update before connecting to the internet- in previous post. Once connected to internet execute WR toolbar fix program only as it removes and repairs (don't download it directly).