How do I get support from this broken and useless company?

  • 9 June 2022
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I have used Webroot Secure Anywhere for almost 5 years.  I paid for 3 computers and I was always very happy and renewed every year.  Until now.

Now, every time I turn on my computer a message pops up telling me to create a new “My Account”.  So I tried.  Several times. 

I cannot log into my account.  It says “username or password is incorrect”.  Well which is it?  is it the username or the password?  I am not a mind reader.  You have to tell me what the problem is.

So I try to reset my password -- and the nightmare begins.  I cannot reset my password -- the email that they are supposed to send never arrives (have tried several times ... checked spam folder ... etc.). 


I submitted a ticket with support and 7 days ago they told me that they couldn’t help me online “for security reasons” and I had to call.  So I called the phone number I was given.  Several times.  And every time I am on hold forever.

I do not have unlimited time.  I am not going to sit on hold forever.  ANSWER YOUR DAMN PHONE.

I’m paid up till December, so I guess I’ll just ignore the nagging for now,  and then I’m out.  I can’t take this any more.  Webroot is a nightmare.  The most completely broken and useless company I have ever seen.


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I feel your pain!  It took a while for me to be able to reply to your comments!  I cannot believe the support center is closed.  Today is Saturday around 1 pm pacific time.  

I could not log into my account.  It asked me about a security code??? Do they mean password???  So, I requested an email to put in a new security code.  The email I received had no directions in it.  Just a bunch of jibberish.  Maybe Webroot security is blocking its own support email! 🤣🤣

I decided to try Google Chrome as my browser.  Logged into my email and I was able to retrieve the link to change my security code.  Maybe you can try that.  I am having second thoughts about having Webroot security in the future.  I never had problems with it in the past, however, currently it has not been a very good regarding customer service.