how to activate a new keycode on current webroot

  • 20 December 2016
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just purchased another annual subscription from amazon and want to renew my current webroot using the new keycode rather than downloading the software again.  Added the keycode to console but will this activate on its own, it now states inactive??

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Hello jah1453,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
f you have a new keycode, you can activate it as follows:
  1. Open SecureAnywhere.  
  2. Click the gear icon next to My Account. Your account panel displays. [img][/img]  
  3. Under Activate a new keycode, enter the keycode you want to add and click Activate.
You will need to Submit a Support Ticket tio have your Passwords tranferred to your new keycode.
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Hi jah1453
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Just do the following:

And that should sort you out, but there are a couple of thinsg to further point out in relation to this:
(i) do not enter the new keycode until the current one has expired because if you have any time on the old one that will continue to run down even though you have activated the new one, and so you would effectively "lose" the time still left on the old one. And
(ii) if you currently use either Internet Security Plus (or Complete) versions and the Password Manager (and or the Back up and Sync features), then moving to a new keycode will mean that you can no longer access your data stored against the old if this is the case you will need to Open a Support Ticket and ask the Support Team to transfer the data from current to new keycode, once you have activated the have about 30 days to do that before the data is deleted.
I hope that answers the question?  If not then please come back and advise further as to what you need help with.
Regards, Baldrick