How to activate pc from control panel

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I purchased new keycodes and I would like to activate existing computer from  web control panel but the old keycode is read only, there is a way to do it?
thanks in advance

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Well hello there @!! :cathappy:
You will not be able to activate your new keycodes using the Web Console, but will instead need to open the Program locally.
1. Open the Webroot program and click the gear icon next to "My Account" at the bottom right.
2. Enter your keycode in the field provided under "Activate a new keycode” and click "Activate."
Please do let us know if you have any questions!
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Thank You for the replay, btw activating the code from the device at least for one of them is quite a prtoblem now, my sister live 500 km away from me and it will be difficult to update her notebook, so she will be unprotected until we meet next time.
Where i can send a suggestion to webroot to take in account adding this useful feature to the web control panel? For example when I had the Kaspersky antivirus it was possible:

To use a license on a device that has already been connected to the portal:
  1. Go to the Licenses section.
  2. On the panel of the license, click the Usage link.This link is displayed when it is possible to send a key to a device. Sending a key to a device may take a long time (up to 24 hours).
  3. Next to the icon of the device on which you want to use the license, click the Use on device button.
If the application has an active key, the key you send is used as an additional key. You can add an additional key if it expires after the active key.
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I understand the difficulty in your situation. I recommend using a Remote Desktop software like Teamviewer to activate the keycode for her (if walking her through it over the phone is unsuccessful).
Please submit your idea in our Idea Exchange here. If it gets enough kudos from other users, our Product Team will make sure to review it!
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Ok JP, Thanks again for the Help.
I posted a request here:
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Excellent!! Let's get it some major