I refresh my firefox and the safe search add-on was remove. Where or how can I reinstall safe search

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?, We have a Web Filter issue with a Mac OS... Are you still online?
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I went on to Google and just searched, there were no green checkmarks. Do you know how to get it back?
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I'm using Mozilla Firefox on I believe a iMac.
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That is quite fine, you ended up telling me what I want to know.  Since there is a key code AND serial number, you have the Best Buy Subscription Software version, which is a 3 device Internet Security version.
What browser are you using?  You should see the 'green checks' when doing a search on Google with that version of the software.
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I see Keycode, serial #, subscription, and version. with "access web console" and "learn more" buttons. Would version or serial # be of help?
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Hello again!
First, lets see what version of WSA you have.  (You were right, WSA stands for Webroot SecureAnywhere. All of the different liceses are called WSA)
I assume you have Webroot installed.  Please open it, and then click on it to open it.  Click on My Account.  It should expand the My Account area to show you your key code, your exact product type and the version.    Please do NOT provide me the key code, only what it has for Product and we will go from there.
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One more question, What is web filter. I don't have any ranking (if that is the green check mark) anymore.
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What is WSA? is that short for Webroot Secure Anywhere? Also how do I know I have Internet Security Plus?
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Hello there, welcome to the Community!
Sadly, the Safe Search Toolbar is actually what we on the Community refer to as a Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA for short).  There is no stand-alone installer for it that I know of, as it 'piggybacks' in with other software installers.  To be honest, we spent quite a bit of time here helping people get rid of it, not trying to install it.
If one is to do a Google Search for it, you will find that all of the results are how to remove it.  That is for a reason.  I do suggest you do not re-install it on your computer.
Your WSA-Internet Security Plus does come with the Web Filter for IE, Chrome and Firefox which serves to make your searches on Google, Yahoo and a few others safe.  It will provide site rankings to help you see what results are safe.  Additionally, you also are protected by WSA automatically blocking known bad web sites.  
You are far better protected by WSA than you were by "Safe Search", and without the loss of privacy that Safe Search causes.  (Yes.. Safe Search is a privacy threat.... not to mention a source of adware..)