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  • 22 March 2016
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Webroot expired.  I bought it again instead of renewing.  When I try to install it I keep getting the old screen saying it has expired.  Even uninstalled it.

1 reply

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Hello fletlink,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
May I ask where you purchased Webroot from? Was your old version of Webroot from Webroot or Best Buy? If Webroot is still installed you can activate Webroot as shown below:
If you have a new keycode, you can activate it as follows:
  1. Open SecureAnywhere.  
  2. Click the gear icon next to My Account. Your account panel displays. [img][/img]  
  3. Under Activate a new keycode, enter the keycode you want to add and click Activate. Note: your keycode is a string of 20 alphanumeric characters. It is unique and holds the information about your subscription. You may choose to copy and paste your keycode when prompted, to ensure that the characters are entered correctly.
If you would like to also add your keycode to your online management account, click here for instructions.
Also you will need to Submit a Support Ticket to transfer your passwaords to your new keycode from the old keycode.
Let us know if you need more assistance.