just purchased and intalled webroot for the fist time. I now cannot print to my local printer.

  • 15 February 2015
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just purchased and installed webroot successfully.  Now I cannot print to my printer which is connected to a local home network.  I know the printer works as I printed to it from another pc on the network.  also, before installing webroot, I printed just fine from this pc.  what is wrong?

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Welcome to th e Community Forum, schmeeze,
Would you check your Firewall in Webroot?
The firewall monitors processes that attempt to access the Internet and monitors the ports used for communicating with the Internet. If it is not active it will not need to be monitored.
But you do have control over whether Webroot SecureAnywhere will allow or block certain processes and port communications.

To change settings for active connections:
  1. Open the Webroot main interface.
  2. Click PC Security.
  3. Click the Firewall tab.
  4. At the bottom of the panel, click View Network Applications. > The Network Applications dialog opens.
  5. Click on a radio button to allow or block a process or port address
Managing active connections:
Hope this helps and if not please get back to us!
Kind Regards,