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  • 9 December 2014
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I was wondering if Webroot offers part of their setup for the Toolbar Password manager password to be logged in automatically once Windows loads?? Norton 360  made you set the password first then gave you the option of loggin that password for you automatically once Windows loaded on startup. This would keep the Toolbar password manager logged in every time the browser get loaded and you wouldn't have to retype the password in every time you closed the browser.

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At this point in time, no.  The Password Manager requires you to log in manually once you open the browser, though it does of course save your email address.
I am not highly encouraged to see a change on this.  A previous version of the Password Manager, that went out of use a year ago, was able to save the password.  It was considered to be less than secure for a secure password utility, and so that ability was removed quite a quile ago.
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I have an update and a bit of a possible workaround.  If you use Chrome as your browser, and you allow Chrome to run in the background, while you still will need to log in at each computer boot, you might NOT have to log into Password Manager if you close and re-open Chrome: the login will be saved in the components that are running in the background as those do not seem to exit when Chome is closed.
To set Chrome to allow apps to continue operating in the background:
Click the Chrome Menu button
Click Settings

In the Settings page, scroll all the way down and click to Show Advanced Settings
Scroll all the way down
In System, put a check next to "Continue Running Background apps when Google Chrome is closed"

I hope that this helps!