Need Moderator Assistance - Password function not working

  • 7 March 2013
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Dear Sir or Madam:
Due to a mix up at Best Buy, we were given new version of Webroot Secure Anywhere; the first, activated on 02/21/2013, version's Key Code subscription was changed from active to expired, and the new one's Key Code was activated today, 03/06/2013.
The problem we are encountering is the Password function does not work when attempting to access it using the web console:
We now have 2 web consoles, and both have show same message saying:
"Password: Your keycode has now expired. To continue accessing Passwords please renew your keycode otherwise your data may be lost."
If you click the Password button on the tool bar, from either console, you get a grey screen and the following error message:
"The page could not be accessed.  Please try again later."
Note, the original Key Code activated on 02/21/2013 shows 1 expired key code.
Can someone please assist in untangling this mess for us.

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6 replies

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Hi MrGunn and welcome to the Community!
The Mods may be off for the night, I am not sure.  You might want to Submit a Trouble Ticket.  You will want to include:
  • Your OLD key code
  • Your NEW key code
  • The email address/Login of all Password Accounts
Request to have the accounts moved from the old key code to the new key code.
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Hi Mr. Gunn,

I've been digging into this case this morning, and I've noticed a couple of interesting things that make this one a little bit unique. It's complicated first by the fact that this is a a Best Buy Subscription license. Secondly, it appears the password functionality is not reactivating when we are telling it to. I have some ideas for a workaround, but this may take a bit more investigation before we can provide a solution. Hang in there, and thanks for your patience. I'll get back to you as soon as we have more information and something to suggest.
By the way, was the replacement keycode issued via a store or via Best Buy's subscription software hotline?
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Mr. Gunn,
We were able to work with Best Buy Assurance support in this instance to determine what happened here and to provide a workaround.  I'll be sending you a private message shortly with additional details.  Thanks for your patience!
For anyone else who happens to come across this topic who has the same problem, please contact Best Buy Assurance at 866-861-4379.
To clarify, the issue in this case is that the password management functionality was not working on a Webroot subscription purchased at Best Buy specifically.
Dear Sirs: Thanks for following up on this. Regards, Mr Gunn
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Hello Mr.Gunn and welcome to the Webroot Community Forums.
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I hope that they got everything working for you!