New update not working

  • 23 May 2022
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New upgrade not working for Samsung S 22 plus says website not verified? whats the solution.

7 replies

It works fine now.

No problem, thanks for the feedback. As I  said before, as a IT professional I have exhausted all trouble shooting methodologies. I have moved on to the Lookout product that comes with the T-mobile software suite of products.  It works excellent. 

M Downey 

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@M Downey I’m sorry for the issues with support. I did look into this for you and found that there is a specific issue only for the exact device of S22+ that it wont upgrade just yet. We are working to release a fix for it, but the current version will still work until August 2022

Yes, thank you did all that. phone support stay on hold an inordinate amount of time. finally just hung up after an hour. I am spending too much time on this product. It may be time to just move to another product after over a decade with Webroot. Maybe back to McAfee.

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@M Downey It should update just fine from the Google playstore I’m sorry you are having issues. 

Support should be able to help with this - either through a ticket or over the phone.



Yes I am.

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@M Downey Are you updating the app from the play store?