Not getting confirmation email to finish creation of webroot identity account

  • 17 April 2020
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I dont receive the confirmation email to complete the initial account setup (not the community account)

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Hello @max daniel Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :relaxed:

Have you checked your “Spam Folder”? Sometimes it may be sent there.


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Not in my spam, just not getting the email anywhere.  even tried creating a different account and got the same results

I’m going to ping our Forum Admin @khumphrey to see if he can solve this problem.

As being a new customer to Webroot you should have received an email.

The Forum Admin should be able to fix this problem for you without the hassle of sending in a Support Ticket or waiting on the phone a long time for Support.

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Hey @max daniel ,

Can you please private message me the e-mail(s) you used to create an account? 

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i did not use emails.  i was using the create a new account function on the website and the confirmation email was suppose to come from the signup process

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@max daniel ,

But you would have had to put an e-mail into the “create new account” process. Please send me the e-mail(s) that you placed in the system.

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This has been resolved over private message. Closing thread.