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  • 2 January 2013
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I have Webroot on my desktop but not on my laptop.  I can order goods from on the laptop but not on the desktop with active Webroot.  Webroot says ... The foreground window is protected by identity shield.  I think this is preventing me from buying goods on as it is the only difference between the 2 computers.  If I click on  BUY in  it does not place the goods in my checkout and many of the graphics are missing on the page.
Any thoughts?
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There are always more differences than the immediately obvious one between two computers, but let's narrow down the problem and address it locally. I would first suggest disabling the Identity Shield temporarily just to see if the page loads properly. Due to how the Identity Shield works, it seems unlikely to me that it's that shield causing the trouble. Now I would not advise entering any sensitive data while the shield is completely off, but let's just see if we can get further into the process than we were before.

If it works fine with the Identity Shield off, turn the Identity Shield back on. Then go to WSA -> Identity & Privacy -> Identity Shield -> Protected Websites -> View/Edit Protected Websites. Enter and click Add Website. Select the website you added in the list and disable the items one by one, saving in between and retesting, until you identify which one is causing the issue. If you can determine which one is causing the problem, that would be good information to share here, and we can attempt to reproduce the issue and correct it.

If disabling the Identity Shield made no difference, you could try disabling other shields as well or disable WSA altogether temporarily to see if your page loads. We can troubleshoot other shields as necessary if it turns out to be a different one causing the issue.

I'd also suggest attempting your purchase in another browser. The problem could be a faulty add-on in the browser you're using, and if you were to not have the issue in say, Chrome, when you're having it in say, IE, you might be able to start troubleshooting in that direction instead.