Password manager will not activate with secureanywhere plus. help!

  • 24 July 2015
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It keeps saying "email address does not exist".  I can't find anything wrong on my end. Keycode is right, etc...

4 replies

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Hello @,
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It sounds like you probably need some persimissions adjusted in your Console.
Once logged in, look at the upper right corner and click on the email address.  Choose Manage Users from the drop down.
On the users page, look at the permissions you have set for that user profile you are trying to use Passwords with.  It MUST be set for Passwords - Access.  If it is not set to Access, simply click the edit icon at the far right side of that line.  In the edit panel, click on the "Access & Permissions" tab.  At the bottom, put a mark in the box for Passwords.
As long as you are in permissions, you might as well give yourself Mobile permissions if needed as well.
See if the permissions are the problem and let us know if this helps!
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All was already set for access.  When I try to set-up Password Manager on the home screen it asks me if I want to Upgrade/Renew.  I shouldn't have to do this since I already have Plus, right?
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Hi JamesM1911
It sounds to me as if there is something wrong in the back office as WSA-ISP should give you access/use of the Password Manager, as you correctly state.
We, in the Community, do not have access to the back office systems so your best best if what Sherry has suggested has not worked will be to Open a Support Ticket so that the Support Team can take a look at this for you.
Please do come back to let us know what they have to say/suggest is done to resolve the issue.
Regards, Baldrick
Will do.  Thanks.