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  • 21 November 2017
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Hi everyone!
I'm just going through the process of joining up to the 'Pinterest' website but now having second thoughts.  It seems Im going to have to download their 'Pinterest browser button' and wonder if anyone can let me know if this will be OK and if any of you have had any problems with the site. 
Any help will be fantastic peeps!  :)

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4 replies

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anybody there?...........
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Hi Linda
Have not had any issues with PinInterest and in the past we have used it without the need to use any such button (perhaps something has changed in the interim).
Anyway, they are a reputable site/company so I would say that you would have no issues with them.
But perhaps someone else out there has a different view?
Regards, Baldrick 
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Hey there Baldrick!

Thanks for getting back with the advice Baldrick, it's really appreciated, it's made me feel a bit easier when using the site. :)

Again, thanks bundles. Linda.
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No worries, Linda
And just as a bye the bye this is what BrightCloud has to say about the site:

and with that sort of reputation I cannot see them providing a suspect least not knowingly.
Regards, Baldrick