Problem with After Effects and Scripts licensing

  • 21 October 2017
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I want to know if it is possible to solve this particular hurdle of mine, and hopefully help other AE users that might have the same problem.
I am a heavy user of scripts in After Eeffects. Aescripts is one of the main resources for powerful tools and scripts, many free, most paid, and I have many licenses with them.
The problem is with their chosen licensing method. Basically, when After Effects opens, multiple .exes with random strings for names will be created, one for every script that is checking it's license. After a moment, the license is validated, and AE loads. The next time the program opens, the process will occur again.
The thing is that webroot is catching those randomly named exes as security risks. That hangs AE, causes the license of all the scripts to be disabled, and generates multiple errors. The only solution is to restart AE with the realtime shield disabled, and then manally re-enter the license code for every script that has been disabled. After that, always remember to disable webroot before firing up AE and then re-enable it again.
This is a terrible workaround and heavily impacts my workflow and speed. Many times I will be pressed on time and have to deal with a program crash, only to find all my scripts disabled, or spend the time and focus to deal manually with the antivirus every time. I also do not want to run with my antivirus disabled or migrate to another solution, as I really trust and enjoy this program.
I asked the developres on aescripts to reconsider their licensing strategy, to which they replied that the program lies with my antivirus and that I should configure it to "allow After Effetcs to run additional processes". I cannot find any such option anywhere.
Also, I understand that because of the nature of webroot it might be a particularily bad match to randomly named exes that cannot be whitelisted.
I turn to the comunity for help. Is there any option to solve this problem, maybe by allowing AE to run any process as trusted or whitelist any process that lies within a particular location?
After Effects is one of the most widely used programs for professional graphics, with millions of users. Most of those use or will use scripts, and those will be downloaded from aescripts. I sincerely doubt that I am the only user facing this problem, or that it is an unimportant issue for people, as it interferes with our professional work.
Thank you very much!

3 replies

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Hello and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
With these types of issues I would suggest that you Submit a Support Ticket and they can take a look.
Was this solved? I'm running into the issue right now, and can't finish my projects. Pretty frustrating.
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Hi @
I just talked to support and this is not a known issue so the best thing to do next is to open a support ticket. That way you can work with the team directly to identify the problem.