reinstall webroot

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I reset a tablet to factory settings. It removed Webroot too. How to I reinstall it where as I have used all three licenses?

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Thank you Baldrick.  So long as my computer is protected, that is what is important to me know.  I WILL come back here if there is any problems at the end of February!!  
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Thank you Sherry for your help as well!!  I will be back to let you all know what happens!!
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You are so very Welcome!
We are always here and we do enjoy helping others out!
See you at the end of February even just to say hello!:D
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@  Just install it then after a couple scans then look back on the Online Console and it will show up after 30 to 45 minutes so install it as Sherry asked you to here and use the Best Buy Download Link! Geek Squad can't do anything with the Online Console only Webroot so just install and let us know!
Daniel 😉