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  • 19 January 2015
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Hi, all:

FIrst time poster, so bear with me, please!

My ISP used to provide free McAfee software, but that has expired.  I have a Webroot Secure Anywhere subscription (Internet Security Plus) for my laptop, but have only used 1 of the 3 installations I'm allowed.  So, now that McAfee has expired on my desktop, I want to use my 2nd Webroot installation, there.

I understand that I should uninstall McAfee, but my question is this:  Should I uninstall McAfee before, or after, I install Webroot Secure Anywhere-Internet Security Plus?

Also, once that's done, should I turn on the Windows firewall, too, or just use the Webroot one?



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Hello  and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!
1)Remove McAfee
2)Install Webroot
3) Enable windows firewall(If it will not turn on automatically)
WSA firewall works differently than a traditional firewall in that it works together with the Windows firewall, functioning as the outbound component while the Windows firewall takes care of the inbound traffic. More specifically, it blocks malicious data traffic coming onto your computer. Basically, when both are turned on, they work in tandem to monitor data traffic coming in and out of your computer ports, looking for untrusted process that try to connect to the internet. The result is an intelligent and hassle-free firewall that unintrusively performs in the background, letting our powerful antivirus work it's magic and only steps in if it misses something. 
This is great... Thanks so much!

I'm all the more grateful b/c I'm going to have to help my wife do all of this... She's going to be at home doing the installation, while I'm at work "coaching" her on the phone.

Thanks again!

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You're welcome
Please feel free to ask any further questions you might have.
Mission accomplished.

Thanks again!