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I'm getting the following message when trying to download programs or documents: Your current security settigs do not allow this file to be downloaded.  Details lists Error code: 0x800706F7.  What's going on?

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Hi patr1245
Welcome to the Community Forums.
What you are seeing is a Windows error message, and I presume that yo are posting here because you believe that WSA may be the cause or may be playing a part in this?  Well, this may or may not the case and therefore the first, best course of action is to check on this, by uninstalling WSA, checking for the issue and then doing a clean reinstall of WSA.
So to start this process off, uninstall WSA (if you need guidance on this please please see this Knowledge Base Article which should provide all the information required), and then check to see if yo are still gettingt he same issue.
Whether or not you are please then carry out a clean reinstall of WSA. To do this please do the following: Download a Copy here and make sure you have a copy of your keycode.  Then uninstall WSA and REBOOT (very important).  Then install with the new installer,  let it finish it's install scan then REBOOT once again.
Now check for the issue and please let us know if it reappears of not.
If not then it was most likely a faulty install and you are now sorted.  If it disappears when WSA is uninstalled and returns after the clean install then your next course of action is to Open a Support Ticket and provide the Support Team with the details (you may include a link to this thread if that is helpful) so they can investigate for you...the investigation is free of charge for WSA user, by the way.
Hope that this helps?
Regards, Baldrick


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