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  • 13 March 2022
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I.m trying to remove AVG Security from my computer.  I get so far in the uninstall and it gives me an error and restarts my computer.  I’ve tried uninstall 3 times with the same result.  Would Web erase help to eliminate or uninstall this program?



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I’d suggest downloading and installing Revouninstaller Free from Install that, then find and begin the uninstall for AVG, it’ll likely still bomb out, but Revo will give you the open to click next to clear out remnants of the program, Do that, click finish. 

Then download and run the AVG Clear tool from AVG.

Run that and it should also remove the program from your system. 


Hope this helps


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do have a pre AVG registry save ? it would do the job, you also should run the remover in “safe mode”

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Stick to my recommendation if you want a clean removal


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I want to check that out myself John. I used to use CleanMyPC which had a great uninstall feature, but they have announced that Windows 11 is the last OS they will support. Thanks for the tip.