Web root password manager in Chrome is gone

  • 14 December 2017
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This morning when I started chrome and wanted to log in to a website I was unable to find the password manager toolbar. I checked the extensions and it was  there but Google advised that it was corrupted and shouldn't be used. I deleted it and went to the Google store to find the download, but there was no download in the Google store.
What happened to it? Does Google think it has a vulnerability and shouldn't be used? Is that why it is unavailable?
On a second computer, the chrome also had no web root pass manager icon, and it also, in the "managing extensions" section informed that Web Root Pass Manager 2.5.5 "may have been corrupted". Chrome will not allow me to enable it.
What can I do to the web root password manager?

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Hello wgr,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
Please try this link here
Let us know if you need more help.
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Hi wgr,
Sorry, I forgot to mention is Chrome updated to this version?
Google Chrome is up to dateVersion 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit) 

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Thank you, that link did work and it restored the password manager.
I notice that the version number is 4.1.34, several versions larger than what I was using. Do the extensions not auto update?
Could you tell me if the Edge browser now accepts add ins/extensions like the password manager?
Thank you for your help
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Hi wgr
You are most welcome.:D
Yes Webroot should be updating automatically. I am not sure why yours did not.

Do you have Webroot Version (Released November 3rd, 2017)?
No Edge does not support Webroot's extensions sorry to say. But I am sure this is in the works though and I have no ETA.
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If you are asking about other extensions with Edge. I use "ublock origin" from the Microsoft Store. It's a great ad blocker.

Also let me ask @ if he knows a reason why Webroot did not update Password Manager. Sometimes this does happen to some including mysef but a reboot usually fixes that.  Or maybe the updates that one gets from the Chrome browser does not include Webroot's extention? It gets removed?
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Chrome and Webroot have the latest versions.
It is mystifying why Chrome doesn't find "Webroot password manager" in its search box when looking for extensions. Chrome does ask me if it wants me to save passwords but I don't trust it and I mostly decline. Is this another way that Chrome uses to suppress competition? (Rhetorical question)
I hope I can remember that URL you provided me with so that I can update my other computers.
Thanks once again.
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You're welcome wgr,
Well we are always here to help.
I do know you cannot find the Webroot Extentions when searching Chrome. :@
Just come back here to the Forum and use the link provided for the Webroot Password Manager. 😉