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  • 6 December 2013
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I have Webroot Internet Security Plus (I think it is the 2014 version).  I have  a couple of questions regarding the firewall.
How can I manage program access to the internet?  In particular, is there a list of permanently allowed and blocked files that I can change or reset.  I accidentally permanently allowed a file access, and I would like to change that.
Can IP addresses be blocked?  If so, can specific ports be blocked?
Thanks for any help.

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Hello macycat and welcome to the Webroot community :D !
I am just a home user, so I can't give you as much information as a developer could, but I hope what I do know will be helpful. is the latest 2014 version, yes.
There is a list of allowed/blocked files in the firewall settings that you can change to revoke access for a file. To get to these settings, first open the Webroot interface by clicking on the Webroot icon in your system tray (or on the desktop icon if you have one). From there, look at the right hand side of the interface, and you should see a list consisting of "PC Security, Identity Protection, etc.". Please click on the little gear on the right side of the tab labled "PC Security". The next screen should contain scan details on the left, and shield switches (On/Off) on the right. Under the shield controls there should be a button that says "View Active Connections". If you click on the view active connections button, it will show you all the files/processes that are currently connected to the internet. From there, you can click either "Allow" which should be the first button, or "Block" which should be the the second button. Regarding blocking specific IP addresses and ports, I don't think that can be done, but I may be wrong and if so, one of the other more experienced members can chime in and correct me 😃.
I hope this helps,
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Hello macycat and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

Yes the Commander is correct you can block applications and ports but not IP addresses also note that WSA's firewall is outbound only and you have to have Windows firewall on as well or some other 3rd party firewall for inbound protection please read the 3 pages from the Online Helpfile:
Daniel 😉

Thanks for the reply. I saw that list of files, but I was fooled by the name "Active Connections" ... I thought that the list was current connections to the internet.
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Your welcome macycat I'm happy to help! 🙂.
You are right, that list is current connections to the internet but if you saw the file there then that means it was connecting to the internet at that moment.


had i been able to find this firewall thing out before i purchased the app i wouldnt have purchased it