Webroot says threat but cant remove it

  • 24 September 2016
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After a full scan webroot highlights a threat and when I move to the next step to remove it I get a screen that says it can't remove it.  I've tried in Safe Mode with same results.  I've rebooted, etc, with same results.


The other interesting thing is that when I look at the threat log it says that no threats have ever been detected.  I'm not sure whether I really have a threat or not?


The 'dashboard' shows active threat and after a scan it displays one threat removed.

5 replies

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Hello ddygert, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. :D


Sorry to hear your having troubles with your computer. Please submit a Support Ticket and they will sort this problem for you.


Thank you,

Dave. 😉
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Yes, please do what Dave said and submit a support ticket.


I am wondering, what threat is it showing that you have?
Thanks fort he replies - I just did submit a ticket.


To answer what threat it is saying this is what I put in the ticket:


"The file identified as an issue 'sdfhgdf.sys' in the system32drivers directory and the infection name is changing - I just completed one now and it says 'Pua.Goobzo' but I know for sure it said something different earlier."


Well, strange but this last time, it said it removed it and re-scanned and everything looks good now...


So hopefully everything is ok.


Thanks for the help!

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Sounds good. :D


I would still reply to Support when they answer your ticket and tell them what happened. They may want you to submit your Webroot log (Support will give you a link) to check and see what happened and if everything is OK. Glad to see everything looks good now.


Dave. ;)