webroot toolbar will not recognise my email any ideas why

webroot toolbar will not recognise my email any ideas why. could it be because of microsoft account logon effecting it any ideas thank you.

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Hi lynn22
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The Webroot Toolbar or to be more correct the Password Manager does not recognise email addresses per say but is designed to recognise when one is on a website's login page and then offer you the option to record/save the login credentials that one has entered for the site.
I am not sure precisely why you are expecting it to recognise email addresses per se? Could you give us the context of the issue; not the email addresses themselves but rather the lable of the fields into which you are keyingthe incofrmaiton that you are expecting to be recorded & the websites in question?
Regards, Baldrick
i renewed my subscription. only had normal webroot i upgraded to plus. i have no info how to use these new feature's. can somebody give me a link to a pdf. to use it or link to read it. funny i never got a welcome to useing webroot pus with a link on how to use it. i am sitting here with a toolbar and vault addon and have never used it before. i had norton and the two programs worked together fine till late 2015 then norton screwed me, took out a brand new 2013 computer hard drive and would not answer support. i have always used 2 antivirus firewall programs as one or the other would miss something. but norton got to invasive and would not let webroot run. so had to make a disision. so seeing norton wiped out a $900.00 computer. it made an easy choice, would never use again or go back to them. if i had enough money i would take them to that being said i have no idea how to use these new features in webroot plus or how to set it up, used norton vault before but their uninstalled. so a link to how to set up toolbar, and email, and vault would be nice. somebody dropped the ball as informing me how to use these new feture's. i have used normal webroot since 2011 or before .not plus. so it actually screwed my login to account . got that fixed now but have no idea on how to use these new feature's so some help and a link to it would help. thanks very much. await help.
gave answer .and more questions and got email saying to login for answer and quess what. no answer. who is running this . site. unless you have an answer please do not email me please and thank you. unless you actually can answer my question. await i hope a reply that actually say's something. !!
can you tell me why when i post a question ,it goe's to the end of the list and say's asked 7 hours ago when i just asked question, like 2 minutes ago example 5:58 pacific time. someone want to correct your forum. thank you no sence asking question if you can't get an answer. await replies. thank you to all !!!!
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Hello ?,
Welcome to the Webroot Community,
May I say we are all Volunteers on this Forum trying to help others. I can give you some great information with the PC User Guide.
Also have a look here
We also have a Video here:
Edited: May I add that Webroot has free Technical Support and if you need help you can Submit a Support Ticket here:
Sorry for the delay..Hope this helps?
i thank you for fast responce. this time your first link is helpfull your secound link to video goesto blank no video.but thank you for what you supplied. if i know an answer i will certainly post it. thanks lynn22
doe you know suppot page won't answer personal info to you, and average wait time on phone is 45 minutes thanks been there done that
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Hi lynn
Are you sure  that video link is bad?
..Try it again ok?
And you are most welcome. I would like to point out that ? signed off because he is locoated overseas where his time is 5 hrs different from EST which is my time. So hence he couldn't reply, Beings as it would be 1 or 2 AM in the morning.
do you know you sent me 3 responce's and i only got one. something is not working quite right. just so you know i wasn't ignoring your first answers i didn't get them. thank you again for info so far but there is no video on your second link. have a great night i will look again tommorrow.bed time up here in canada. have a great day
yes your video link does'nt work unless you are using a video player windows 10 won't recognise thank you lynn22
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Well i don't know what is wrong because everythingisw  orking on my end,:@
Have a good night!:D
sorry also it doesn't tell me in canada if your online offline or any times associated with it.. thank you
ok thanks again maybe you can look into it tommorow and let me know . good night and thank you lynn22
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@ wrote:
sorry also it doesn't tell me in canada if your online offline or any times associated with it.. thank you
Sorry about that..I use FF and I keep refreshing the page and sometimes it kicks me offline or doesn't show I am on line and I really am.:D
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Hi again lynn22,
Please have a look here too.